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United States of America commonly known as USA is the most popular study abroad destination amongst students in India. USA is one of the largest techno commercially updated and the most powerful economies of the world. The United States of America has 50 states and it is the melting point for cultural diversity. It is also known as “Land of Opportunity” and students from all around the world come to USA for further studies. USA holds strong reputation in the field of Education and Research, in fact 13 to 15 college/universities in USA are ranked among the Top 20 in the world. The country has been an invention hub giving great chances for development and learning. The same features are stated in the education system of USA. Student Visa for USA is termed as F1 or M1 VISA which is a Non Immigrant Visa Category.

Why Study in USA?

1.Academic perfection

The US brags of the absolute best universities, a great deal of which reliably rank on the world university rankings. American foundations are likewise known to have high scholarly measures, pursue thorough practices to keep up quality and are all around upheld to have the capacity to offer amazing instruction to its students. According to the QS World Ranking 2019, 33 of the best 100 universities are from the US. Thus, Times Higher Education Ranking has additionally positioned seven of the American universities in its best 10 list of universities.

2.Adaptable Education framework

American universities and schools offer a heap of courses and projects to look over. You have the opportunity to choose the course content, as well as the structure. At the undergrad level, you have the freedom to seek after various courses previously they you announce your major toward the second’s end year. This helps to investigate your subject interest and after that choose without much rush. Essentially, for your alumni thinks about, you can pick your inclination and when you advance for your exposition, you can concentrate on the thoughts you need to underline upon.

3.Superb emotionally supportive network for international students

American universities comprehend the battles of international students and in this manner direct normal introduction projects, workshops and trainings to offer help. Actually, the international student office encourages students like you to get acquainted with another sort of way of life – regardless of whether it is a scholastic inquiry, social or social, the staff will be there to help you nonstop.

4.Social assorted variety

The US is a mixture of various societies, races and ethnicities. Its differing condition guarantees that there is acknowledgment among all networks and there is no space for any kind of separation. You’ll be taking in with students from various locales of the world subsequently making it a rich and invigorating training background. Developing amidst decent variety will give you solid identity qualities and abilities that will be important in the international market. Nowadays bosses favor students with a multi-social foundation, which you would get an incredible taste of in the US. An exceptional worldwide introduction, the US will enable you to investigate assortment of cooking styles, traditions, celebrations and craftsmanship as well.

5.Energetic and lively campus life

Campus life of the US is inimitable. Independent of the university you think about in, you will end up amidst new social encounters and the American lifestyle. Grasp it and open yourself up to new thoughts and new individuals.

Expenses for International Students

Cost of Education for International Students:

Bachelor’s Degree – 15,000$to 30,000$/per annum

Master’s Degree – 20,000$ to 30,000$/ per annum

Other Expenses for International Students:

Average living cost – 10,000$ to 12,000$ per annum

Transportation cost – 50$ to 100$ per month

Admission Criteria

  • Students need to have good academic records. Higher Secondary / Bachelors mark sheet with above 50%.
  • Minimum 12 years of post-secondary education is required for entry into an Associate or Bachelors Program.
  • 3 years Bachelor’s Degree is also accepted. Student with such background need to get a WES/ECE evaluation.
  • Quantitative Exams
    • SAT / ACT scores may be required for Undergraduate Programs
    • GRE / GMAT scores are required for certain Graduate Programs
  • English Proficiency Requirements
    • (Undergraduate): IELTS Minimum 6 bands / TOEFL 80 / PTE 55
    • (Graduate): IELTS Minimum 6.5-7 bands / TOEFL 100 / PTE 70
  • Work Experience is mandatory only for some Graduate / Management programs

Students can avail Scholarships, Teaching Assistant-ship, and Graduate Assistant-ship etc for their studies by applying earlier to the universities.

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